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Soft Goods Renew kit for David Clark H10 Series Headsets

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Soft goods parts renew kit for David Clark H10 series headsets. Completely refresh your David Clark headset with new parts. Will fit the H10-13.4, H10-13S, H10-13H, H10-13Y, H10-13N, H10-13X, H10-13XL, H10-13HXL, H10-13XP, H10-13HXP, H10-20, H10-26, H10-30, H10-56HXL, H10-56HXP, H10-60, H10-60H & H10-60HXL headsets. 

6 piece kit includes 1 super soft head pad, 2 gel ear seals, 1 mic cover, and 2 ear cup inner dome filters.

What's In The Box:

  • Gel Ear Seals (pair)
  • Mic Muff / Windscreen
  • Head Pad
  • Ear Cup Inner Dome Filter Speaker Protector (pair)