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H2 Active Description

Active noise reduction
The smart Active Noise Reduction (ANR) filters out the noise you don't want while keeping the sounds you do want like critical engine, system, and stall warning alerts. The H2 Actively reduces cockpit noise by up to 52dB for a quieter environment and a more enjoyable flight experience with less fatigue.
Full Bluetooth capabilities
Bluetooth connectivity lets you wirelessly connect to portable devices for hands-free phone calls, music, traffic, and runway alerts from your EFB on your iPad, phone, or tablet. Connect your phone or audio device via Bluetooth for endless entertainment on those long cross-country flights.
AUX input
In addition to Bluetooth, the available 3.5mm AUX input and the included cable provide additional connectivity options for connecting a secondary audio device.
Crystal clear communication
The H2's electret noise-canceling microphone filters out unwanted ambient noise for crisp, clear, and quiet communication. The Wind block, noise-reducing microphone windscreen further reduces ambient noise and helps keep wind pressure from activating the microphone.
Comfortable head cushion and ear seals
The pillow-cell foam head cushion is extremely soft and conforms to the shape of the head. Space between Individual pillow cells allows airflow to keep your head cool and comfortable. The high-density acoustic foam and protein leather ear cushions are soft and extremely comfortable. 
Stereo audio with dual volume controls
The stereo/mono switch inside the control module allows the headset to be switched between stereo and mono mode. The stereo capability allows you to take advantage of a stereo-equipped intercom for rich, crisp audio. Independent left and right volume control so you can adjust the left and right volume independently.
Auto power off
The H2 is equipped with an auto power-off feature to conserve battery life when the headset is not in use.