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My Little Eagle: The best youth Aviation Headset for kids

My Little Eagle: The best youth Aviation Headset for kids

The My Little Eagle Youth Aviation Headset is hands down and by far the best full-featured aviation pilot headset for children. Our kids started flying with us at age 2 and they both have their very own My Little Eagle aviation headset. So what makes the My Little Eagle the best airplane headset for kids? Read on and find out why you should seriously consider one if you fly with kids. I'll start with the single best feature that I love:  listen-only mode.

Listen-only mode

As a pilot flying with a 2 and a 6 year old, the pièce de résistance of the My Little Eagle headset is the ability to control the microphone volume and turn the headset into listen-only mode. Something that you can't typically do on other headsets. Most aviation headsets give you the ability to control the ear cup speaker volume but never the microphone volume. As a pilot, there is nothing more distracting than constant chatter on the intercom when trying to take off, land, making radio calls with ATC or other pilots. Sure you can simply move the microphone away from your child's mouth but that is not really a solution because he or she will just put it back. The ability to turn the microphone off but still allow my kids to hear me is absolute magical. It allows total piece of mind and a cockpit free of distractions.

Fit and Comfort

My Little Eagle youth pilot headsets are made specifically for children or adults with a smaller head. The headband is smaller than adult headsets which makes for a best fit possible. The added pillow-cell foam head cushion is exceptionally soft and conforms to the shape of the head. The individual pillow cells allow airflow to keep the head cool and comfortable. The ear cushions are made of high-density acoustic foam and gel to make a soft and extremely comfortable  ear seal which conforms to the child's head - making an even better fit. 

Hobbs Flyer Happy Fathers Day Pilot Dad Flying with Son

Keeping the kids entertained

The My Little headset comes with a 3.5mm aux input jack and right and left volume controls on the down cable, right within reach of their hands so no one has to fumble with plugging anything into the ear cup. The aux input jack allows you to connect iPads, portable game consoles, or any portable media device to the headset for endless entertainment during flights. This is perfect for keeping children entertained and reducing distractions in the cockpit.

The awesome kids pilot bag

The headset comes with a cool headset bag that my kids really adore. Although the bag is meant as a headset bag, they use it for everything. The added benefit is that it also functions as a backpack so they just throw it on and go. They take their bags everywhere and literally put everything in it. Snacks, toys, books and an iPad Mini can all be found in my son's My Little Eagle pilot bag. My kids love having their own pilot backpack that they can use for anything. I personally think it enhances the whole flying experience for them.

Passive noise reduction

The My Little Eagle youth aviation headset features a Passive Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 23dB for hearing protection and a quieter flight experience. The ear cups are designed to block unwanted ambient noise. We believe that youth aviation headsets should have the same or better hearing protection as adult headsets and these do. 

Blue My Little Eagle Kids Pilot Headset

In summary, my kids love having their own headset and headset bag. The features and benefits of the My Little Eagle headset makes it the best youth aviation headset on the market today for young aviators. If you have kids or participate in the EAA Young Eagles program, they are a must have.

Thanks for reading the entire post. And a special thank you for reading the full article, here is a coupon code for $10 off any of the My Little Eagle headset: BLOG10.
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