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Empowering Dreams: Girls in Aviation Day 2023 was a Roaring Success

Empowering Dreams: Girls in Aviation Day 2023 was a Roaring Success

The 2023 Girls in Aviation Day Twin Cities was again at Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie, this past Saturday (September 23, 2023). Hobbs Flyer is deeply invested in fostering diversity within aviation. We were honored to not only sponsor the GIAD event in 2022 but also to host a vibrant booth this year.

The weather was on our side, and despite a brief five-minute shower, the turnout was fantastic. Young, curious minds filled the air with enthusiasm, eager to explore the world of aviation.


Our booth became a focal point of excitement as kids flocked to try out our "My Little Eagle" line of youth aviation headsets. Available in fighter jet blue, afterburner red, sakura pink, and camo green, these headsets weren't just about vibrant colors; they were a gateway for young aviation enthusiasts to connect with the world of flight. The My Little Eagle headsets showcased Hobbs Flyer's dedication to creating products that cater specifically to young aviation enthusiasts. 

Beyond the headsets, we loved engaging with the kids, answering questions and sharing stories that sparked curiosity about the endless possibilities within aviation. It was more than a booth; it was a platform to inspire the next generation of aviators.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the GIAD volunteers whose support created an inclusive environment, allowing kids to explore, ask questions, and absorb the wonders of aviation. Together, we left a lasting impression on young minds, painting the skies with dreams and aspirations.

As the sun set on Flying Cloud Airport that day, it was clear that Girls in Aviation Day had made a difference. We, at Hobbs Flyer, are proud to have played a part in inspiring every girl who dared to dream of soaring to new heights.


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