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My Little Eagle Aviation Headset Palette

The Inspiration behind the My Little Eagle Headset Colors

When we sat down to design the My Little Eagle youth aviation headsets we wanted portray the beauty of nature and our love of aviation in the colors we select. The colors of these headsets were carefully chosen to capture the imagination of young aviation enthusiasts and get them excited about flying. Whether it's the delicate and beautiful Sakura cherry blossoms of Japan that inspire the Sakura Pink headset, or the raw power and speed of fighter jets that inspire the Afterburner Red version, each color tells a unique story and ignites the imagination of young pilots-to-be.

Sakura Pink

The My Little Eagle Sakura Pink aviation headset was inspired by nature. One of the most iconic images of Japanese springtime is the Sakura cherry blossom, a delicate pink flower that blooms for only a few fleeting weeks each year. With the Sakura Pink headset, you're embodying the spirit of Japanese springtime. The soft pink hue of the headset is reminiscent of the pale pink petals of the Sakura cherry blossom, and just like the flower, the headset is a thing of beauty.

My Little Eagle Aviation Headset in Sakura Pink

Afterburner Red

The My Little Eagle Afterburner Red aviation headset was inspired by the afterburners on fighter jets, this headset is perfect for kids who love the thrill of aviation. Flying with the Afterburner Red aviation headset is like being part of a high-speed mission, soaring through the clouds with the power of a fighter jet. It's a small reminder of the thrill and excitement of aviation that your kids will cherish.

My Little Eagle Aviation Headset in Afterburner Red

Fighter Jet Blue

If your kids love aviation, then they'll love the Fighter Jet Blue aviation headset. Inspired by the sleek design of fighter jets. The vibrant blue color is reminiscent of the Blue Angels, the US Navy's flight demonstration squadron, and will make your kids feel like they're part of a high-speed mission when they wear it. The advanced audio technology helps reduce cabin noise and provides crystal-clear audio, making flying more enjoyable.

My Little Eagle Aviation Headset in Fighter Jet Blue

Camo Green

The Camo Green aviation headset is the ultimate accessory for kids who love aviation and adventure. With its military-inspired camo green color, this headset is perfect for young adventurers who want to feel like they're part of a top-secret mission. The color is bold and exciting, and it's the perfect way to make your kids' flying experience more memorable. 

My Little Eagle Aviation Headset in Camo Green


As a parent, taking your kids flying can be a thrilling experience but it's important to choose an aviation headset that fits them properly. An oversized adult headset can be very uncomfortable for kids. A smaller, youth sized aviation headset can make all the difference in your kids' flying experience. The My Little Eagle aviation headset is better suited for smaller heads to effectively reduce cabin noise, and make flying more comfortable and enjoyable. And with exciting colors like Sakura Pink, Afterburner Red, Fighter Jet Blue, and Camo Green, there's no reason not to get your kids excited about aviation and the possibilities that come with it.

So don't settle for an ordinary adult headset - get your kids the youth aviation headset that fits them properly and ignites their passion for aviation. With the right headset, the sky's the limit!

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