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Hobbs Flyer Aviation Headset Ultra Gel Ear Seals

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Hobbs Flyer universal aviation headset ultra gel ear seals. Designed for maximum comfort, these gel-filled ear seals will adapt to you and conform to the shape of your head for a better seal and increased noise reduction. Replace your worn-out or uncomfortable foam ear seals and enjoy increased comfort, improved noise protection, and better communications.


  • Gel-filled for ultra comfort
  • Conforms to your head for a better seal and greater noise reduction
  • Increase noise reduction
  • Fits all major headset brands including:
    • David Clark (H10-60, H10-20, H10-13.4, H10-76, H10-30, H10-13S)
    • Telex Echelon Air and ANR series (AIR 3500, ANR 150, 4100, 1D, 30 XT)
    • Sigtronics (S-20, S-58, S-45, S-AR)
    • Hobbs Flyer H2 series
    • Avcomm series of headsets
  • Sold in pairs