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Hobbs Flyer Customer Love Program

We love and appreciate our customers. To show our appreciation, we have two options for our existing customers who purchased Hobbs Flyer branded headsets directly through our website. The Trade-Up Program is for our customers who currently own Hobbs Flyer H2 Passive headsets and want to upgrade to the Hobbs Flyer H2 Active with Bluetooth. The AddMore option is for customers who want to purchase additional Hobbs Flyer headsets.

Option 1: Trade-Up Program

If you own a Hobbs Flyer H2 Passive headset that you purchased through our website, we will give you an aggressive credit for your current headset as long as you are upgrading from an H2 Passive to an H2 Active headset.

Option 2: AddMore Program

If you currently own a Hobbs Flyer aviation headset and would like to purchase additional Hobbs Flyer branded headsets, we will give you 5% - 10% off each additional headset depending on the number of headsets that will be purchased.

Contact us to get started.