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Earcup Inner Foam Noise Reduction Gaskets for Bose X (A10) Headset

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Our Bose X (A10) replacement earcup inner foam sound isolation gaskets are designed to enhance the noise reduction performance of the Bose X aviation headset. These are direct, drop-in replacements for the existing noise reduction sound baffles found in the Bose X.

Replace your old or deteriorating inner foam gaskets on your Bose X aviation headset with these new gaskets. The earcup foam gaskets on the Bose X deteriorate after years of use and can leave behind a flaky, sticky mess. These new inserts will protect the ear cup speakers and enhance the noise-canceling performance of your headset.

Designed for all Bose X models including AHX-32-05, AHX-34-01, AHX-32-01, AHX-32-02, AHX-32-04. 

Sold in pairs.