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Service Accessory Kit for Bose X (A10)

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Hobbs Flyer Service Accessory Kit for Bose Aviation Headset X. Refresh your Bose X Aviation Headset with new parts. The kit includes replacement ear cushions, a microphone windscreen/mic muff, and a headband cushion. Designed specifically for the Bose X Aviation Headset, sometimes called Bose A10. Replaces Bose part# 324072-0010. This kit will fit all X models including AHX-32-05, AHX-34-01, AHX-32-01, AHX-32-02, and AHX-32-04.

Kit includes:

2 Ear Cushions
Made of supple, breathable protein leather.

2 Replacement Earcup Inner Screen Inserts
Replaces old deteriorating foam inserts within the two earcups.

1 Headband Cushion
The wool replacement head cushion facilitates the free movement of air to keep your head cool and the headset comfortably in place.

1 Mic Windscreen/Cover
The microphone screen reduces ambient noise and helps keep wind pressure from activating your microphone. The package includes a rubber grommet to keep the windscreen secured on the microphone.