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How to Activate Auto shut off on Hobbs Flyer H2 Active Aviation Headset

How to Activate Auto shut off on Hobbs Flyer H2 Active Aviation Headset

To activate the “Auto-shutoff” function, locate the switch inside the battery box. See 11 in the photo below. The H2 ANR conserves battery by shutting itself off if no signal is received for a period of time. Turning off the Auto-shutoff function will prevent the ANR function from automatically turning off after a set period of inactivity.

When Auto-shutoff is on, if the headset is not connected to the aircraft intercom, it will automatically shut down if there is no music or sound within 5 minutes. If the headset is not connected to the intercom but is connected to a music source such as Bluetooth or Aux and music is playing, it will shut down automatically in 60 minutes.

If the Auto-shutoff switch is in the off position, and the headset detects that it is connected to intercom (the MIC connection must be in the connected state), the headset will not automatically shut off.

Automatic shutdown may also be triggered by a low battery state indicated by the flashing amber light. In this case, the batteries will need to be changed. We recommend high-quality alkaline batteries such as Energizer or Duracell.

We ship all of our ANR headsets with a set of demo batteries to get you flying quickly. If the ANR powers down unexpectedly or the battery indicator light flashes red or amber, this is an indication that the batteries should be replaced. Adding a fresh set of Energizer AA batteries will resolve this issue. We recommend Energizer as we've seen the best performance from Energizer brand batteries.

Switching between Stereo and Mono modes

The stereo/mono switch inside the control module allows the headset to be switched between stereo and mono mode. The stereo capability allows you to take advantage of a stereo-equipped intercom. To switch between mono and stereo modes, slide the stereo/mono switch to "M" or "S" depending on the configuration of your panel. Refer to #12 in the above photo.

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