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Bose X (A10) Aviation Headset Earcup Speaker Overhead Crossover Cable

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Bose X (A10) aviation headset replacement earcup overhead crossover cable. This is the earcup speaker cable that runs overhead and connects both ear cups. This cable includes joint connectors that will allow you to repair your damaged headset crossover speaker cable without the need to solder.

Repair your headset at your convenience and reduce downtime and repair costs. Designed for all Bose X (A10) AHX model headsets including AHX-32-01, AHX-32-02, AHX-32-03, AHX-32-04, AHX-32-05, and AHX-34-01. 


  • 10 joint connectors for quick and easy installation without soldering
  • 2 cable clamps to keep the cable in place within the earcup
  • 30" shielded cable for greater EMI resistance