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Earcup Holder Bracket Repair Kit Yoke for Bose X (A10) Aviation Headset

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Get your Bose X (A10) aviation headset up and running again with this high-quality replacement earcup bracket kit. Engineered for precision fit and made in the USA using advanced Fused Deposition Modeling 3D printing technology, these brackets are constructed from Carbon Fiber reinforced polymer, making them stronger and more durable than the originals.

Since Bose no longer makes these brackets, this is a great aftermarket option to repair your headset at your convenience and reduce downtime and repair costs. The kit contains both left and right brackets and is compatible with all Bose AHX model headsets, including AHX-32-01, AHX-32-02, AHX-32-03, AHX-32-04, AHX-32-05, and AHX-34-01. These are extremely easy to install. See instructions on our blog [here]

Upgrade your Bose X aviation headset with these superior replacement brackets and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your headset is protected by a high-quality, American-made part.