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How to install A Bose X (A10) Microphone Down Cable - Part 1

How to install A Bose X (A10) Microphone Down Cable - Part 1

Although its production ended in 2010, the Bose AHX (Aviation Headset X), also known as the Bose X or A10 is fantastic noise canceling headset. The noise canceling function is on par with the Bose A20 and A30. This article applies to all Bose AHX headset models including AHX-32-01, AHX-32-02, AHX-32-03, AHX-32-04, AHX-32-05, AHX-34-01 and others. You can find your specific model by looking at the model number printed on the control module.

The down cable is the headset mic cable that runs from the headset microphone to the control module. Due to age and use over time, the down cable tends to develop cracks and eventually breaks. When this happens, the headset can become unusable until the cable is replaced. Since Bose no longer supports this headset, these parts are becoming increasingly difficult to find. For this reason, we developed a replacement cable for the Bose X. 

Replacing the down cable on a Bose X is a relatively easy process that can be accomplished within 10-15 minutes. All you need is small Phillips or flat head screwdriver (depending on the headset) and the replacement down cable found here

We can also perform this install for you. To get started with our headset repair service, click HERE.

The following steps will guide you through the process of replacing the down cable. If you run into issues, feel free to contact us.

Step 1: Detach the old down cable

The first step is always to remove the cable assembly from the headset and disassemble the microphone housing assembly. See our detailed guide posted in our January 2023 blog here.

Step 2: Install the black connector

After following the steps in the previous blog, you will now need to install the new black 5 wire connector from your new down cable. Make sure the connector is properly seated under the tab (circled in red) and snaps into place. Once this is completed, you can reconnect the microphone.

Bose X 5 wire connector
As shown in the above photo, you will need to place the rubber strain relief into the slot and bend the five wires and lay them flat onto the black connector that you just installed. 

Step 3: Put the microphone assembly back together

After putting the rubber strain relief in place and you have the 5 wires laying somewhat flat on to the connector, you can now reassemble the microphone housing (this part will take some patience). Flip the assembly over so that the screw holes are facing you. Make sure everything is aligned then install the first two screws.
Bose X Down Cable Reassemble
Flipped over showing the screws
Bose X Microphone Housing Screws

Step 4: Tuck the microphone wires

Tuck the 3 microphone wires and white connector into the opening of the top of the housing assembly. 
Bose X Mic Tucked wires
Finally, reconnect the cable assembly to the headset and gently tighten the screws to hold it in place.
Bose X Connection
Make final connection
Bose X Connection
Congratulations! That's it, you're done. Now test everything out then go fly. 
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